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Wednesday 14th February at BIT it has been shown Schedule on Italian Tourism 2016/2017 with its XXI edition, which presented a focus on real estate sector.

“Focus on Real Estate – claims Emilio Valdameri, Head of Hospitality of World Capital, cured realization – highlights dynamics of sector by analyzing trends of real estate investors logistics, always in search of new opportunities. The first of the elements that I studied fir IOL (occupancy index of beds) which in 2017, compare to previous year, has reached an increase of 2,3% by confirming the growth which started in 2014, after that in 2001 it reduces of 10%.

With this growing trend in 2020, Italian hotel system will return to levels of 2001, record year of Italian tourism. In this period range of prices was influenced by demand, emotional sensible by events such as terrorism and natural catastrophes and objectively influenced by external factors such as development of voyages by low-cost plans, to online booking platform, such as and explosion judges of social network.”

Schedule cured by prof. Emilio Becheri (TURISTICA, among founders from first edition), Roberto Micera (IRISS-CNR) and Alfonso Morvillo (CNR), represent the principal document of economy and policy of tourism in Italy and it has been the point of operators, because it has lots of information from different profs and researchers from university, analysts, technicians and operators from different sector of tourism.

In the same document we find an excellent data for Italian tourism in 2017. Important growth of 5,9% of presences (on ISTAT data until ’17 and data of Federalberghi and CAN for Christmas and New Year’s Eve), confirm that recovery of tourism is strong, both for in and outside demand. This will have important effects also on hotel sector hotel and extra hotel. (houses, camping, B&B,ecc…)

From data it highlights which at top we have tourism of art cities, big and little (26% of arrivals), in marine locations (30% of presences), but also to grow are locations in lake (+6,8%) and hills (+4,2%). All these locations have recorded in last 10 years a tax of grow to confirm our best tourist “asset”are Culture and Nature. In recovery also mountain, which records for the second year a recovery, after years in decrease.

“From 2001 to 2017 to record best taxes of occupancy were hotels 4* and RTA – concludes Emilio Valdameri, Head of Hospitality of World Capital – whereas to record the major increase of prices are luxury hotels, which record the best performance. Second element has been index of PIL, which evolves with international demand; to improve also complex quality of hotels. In last 15 years mix of system national hotel recorded over 10.000 hotel buildings, all born from recovery of properties and we took 250 miles apartments to propose on market for rent.”

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